Saint Finian

  • Saint Finian is also known as 'The Master of the Saints of Ireland'.
  • Saint Finian was born late in the fifth century at Myshal in County Carlow.
  • He first went to St. Marting's famous monastery at Tours, where his 
    experience there shaped his idea of religious life.
  • Tours is noted for its austerity and sacrifice of physical comfort for spiritual gain.
  • Saint Finian travels to the County of Kildare to study & teach at St.
    Brigid's monastery.
  • Finian is led by an angel to Cluain Eraird (Clonard), where he is told
    this will be the place of your resurrection.
  • Saint Finian was chosen and consecrated the Bishop of Clonard
  • He built a little cell and a church of clay and wattle whilst continuing his life of study, mortification and prayer.
  • His gift for teaching, ability to impress the great and good and his absolute dedication to the ascetic ideal inspired a whole generation.
  • Students of Finian took seeds of knowledge from Finian's monastery at Clonard, and planted them abroad with great success.
  • Saint Finian's death is uncertain but approximately in 552 his burial place is within the Church of Clonard, where for centuries after his death continued to be renowned as a seat of scriptual learning.
  • The colours associated with Saint Finian are white and blue. Motto: Strive For The Highest.