Origins of Kildare

  • Kildare is a county in Ireland.
  • County Kildare - Contae Chill Dara.
  • Motto - Meanma agus Misneach (Spirit and Courage)
  • The county has three major rivers running throug it.
  • Kildare was shired in 1297.
  • County Kildare is the richest county in Irelnad outside of Dublin.
  • The county flag is a plain white flag
  • The distinctive all white of Kildare derived from the colours of the Clane club
    which won the county championships in 1903.
  • Kildare is also known as 'the short grass county' or 'the thoroughbred county'

 Coat of Arms

  • The red diagonal cros symbolises the ancient aristocratic family of the Kildare area, the fitzgeralds,     who used a red diagonal cross on a white background as their coat of arms.
  • The harp is the symbol for the fianna, a legendary group of warriors from Celtic mythology who supposedly had their headquarters in Kildare.
  • The cross is the Saint Brigid's cross; Saint Brigid lived in a monastery in County Kildare. 
  • The horses head symbolises the horse breeding tradition of Kildare.
  • The acorns are taken from the Irish for Kilkdare (cill dara) which means the church of the oak tree.