True North is a subject selection site designed to help students navigate the subject selection process.

Each menu located to the left of screen contains a list of subjects available at each level. Click on the title to learn more about a specific subject.

Year 8
Year 8 students are offered electives at English, Humanities and the Arts.

Year 9
Year 9 students maintain a broad program but have elective choices in The Arts, Humanities and Health/PE. Students pick six electives at this level.

Year 10
Year 10 students are required to choose 4 electives and self select their level of mathematics. Year 10 students are viewed as bridging their education to Years 11 and 12, thus the timetable of Year 10 falls in line with the senior years structure. Year 10 students are encouraged to underake a broad educational load encompassing all subject areas. Year 10s are able to undertake VCE units 1 & 2 (where appropriate) and to specialise by choosing more electives from all domains.

Year 11 & 12
For Year 11 & 12 students there are alternate learning pathways available at the College.

- A number of Vocational Education and Training Courses (VET) are offered in co-ordination with the Gordon Institute and other providers.

- The College also offers the Victorian Institute of Applied Learning as an alternative to VCE.

- Some students are also able to undertake university subjects as part of their VCE program.





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