How to Gain Access

The Clonard College community can gain access to Clonard's information system resources from home or
elsewhere via the internet.

Resources available externally include email, our intranet (a product known as SIMON), and our library system
(a product known as Oliver). See the relevant section, below, for details on how to gain access.

SIMON (our intranet system)

Out intranet system, SIMON, provides a broad range of administrative and educational functions
of relevance to parents, staff, and students. SIMON is new to Clonard in 2011.

SIMON provides timetable and calendar data, staff and general messages, attendance and absence
information, resource bookings, links to educational resources, and specific learning areas where
teachers can provide class related resources and information (including course outlines, homework,
and assessment material) for students and their parents.

SIMON is designed for external access by parents, staff, and students to provide "anywhere, anytime"
access to the vital educational and informational resources which it will host. However, the component
which provides external access for parents is still under development. College publications will provide
news and details when parental access has been established.

To login to SIMON, click the "Login to SIMON" link on the "COMMUNITY ACCESS" menu of the college
website or access SIMON directly via (Use this address to create
a "Favorite" or "Bookmark" to facilitate repeated access.)

You will need to enter your Clonard login name and password. The exact process is slightly different
depending on your version of Windows. (See below.)

Using Windows XP or Windows Vista

When using Windows XP or Windows Vista, you must enter "CLONARD\" before your login name, as shown, below. Enter your Clonard password in the second window. 


Using Windows 7

When using Windows 7, simply enter your login name and password, as usual. (It is NOT necessary to precede your login name with "CLONARD\".)

OLIVER (our library system)

Oliver, Clonard's library system, provides information relating to reading, research, and reference.

Oliver can be used to check the library catalogue, make resource reservations, and access on-line reference collections to which Clonard subscribes.

Access to Oliver is provided via SIMON, our intranet system. See the section, above, to find out how to access SIMON. Once you have logged into SIMON, you will see a link to Oliver.


All Clonard staff and students have a college email account which can be accessed via the internet (this is known as webmail).

To access a Clonard webmail account, go to the Community Access menu on this website and select Clonard Webmail or alternatively go to this address: (which can be saved as a "Favorite" or "Bookmark" to facilitate repeated access) and, when prompted, enter your Clonard login name and password. (You will see a dialog box similar to the one shown below.)