Parent Teacher Online

Easing your booking burden

Clonard College manages bookings for Parent Teacher Interviews, using an online booking system called 'Parent Teacher Online' (PTO).

Clonard parents have used PTO since 2011 and enjoy its efficiency, convenience and ease of use.

To access PTO ...

To access PTO, click here.

To login ...

You will see the PTO login screen. Here, you need to enter the credentials (user name and password) which have been provided for you - the same details you use to log into the Parent Access Module (PAM). If you do not know these details, please contact College reception (on 52782155).

Using PTO ...

Using PTO is straight forward. We recommend you use it in "automatic mode" as it will do most of the work for you. There are four easy steps: 1) select the date and time you would like to start seeing teachers, and the teachers you want to see, PTO will choose booking times for you to minimize the time you have to spend waiting, 2) choose one of the booking schedules PTO has designed for you, 3) confirm your chosen schedule, and, 4) you can, optionally, make other bookings manually and print or email your booking schedule.

You can make bookings for more than one student simultaneously and let PTO figure out who is available when. All teacher locations will be displayed as you make your bookings and a map of the school is also available for you to orientate yourself for your interview visit.

Need help?

If you don't have a computer or internet access, or don't know your credentials, or you think you might need some support to work out how to use PTO, you are welcome to either phone (52782155) or visit College reception and you may use a College PC to make your bookings or one of the office staff will do it for you, under your supervision.