Faith Development Program

As a Catholic School, Clonard’s main reason for existence is to provide a learning environment that has been developed within a Christian framework of values and beliefs. The overall faith development program encompasses a number of inter-related aspects.


Formal Religious Education

The classroom subject of Religious Education, which is taught at all year levels,  seeks to develop spirituality through a knowledge and understanding of religious traditions, beliefs and issues. 


Liturgy and Prayer

The Eucharist is celebrated within the College at various key points throughout the year, in addition to other shared experiences of prayer and music. 


Community Service

Many students participate in practical opportunities to put the words of the Gospel into action through awareness raising activities, visitation, fund-raising and other forms of social action. The Justice and Democracy Forum is a project run across the Kildare Ministries Education Ministries providing students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of a range of social issues and to develop an informed, values-based response to them.


Reflection Days and Camps

At each year level, renewal and reflection activities appropriate to the age and development of the students are planned, in order to provide special opportunities for discussion, reflection, interaction and celebration. Each of these components is integrated into the web of Clonard’s Faith Development Program.