Homework is an extension of work done in class and students will generally complete homework on the night on which the homework is given. Where students have been given a number of days to complete a task, they should determine which nights they will devote to this work.

When students have little set homework, they will be expected to use their time at home to undertake other homework activities, such as:

  • revision
  • practising skills
  • note taking
  • catching up on missed work
  • organising folders
  • preliminary reading

Students are encouraged to develop a homework study routine and familiarise themselves with this by means of a study timetable. 

There are specific guidelines around Year 7 and 8 homework.  These are outlined on their respective pages. 

Submission requirements

One of the most effective measures we can take as a school to enhancing student achievement in education is to give them timely and accurate feedback.  When a student does not submit work, the teacher is unable to offer them feedback which should be used to correct misunderstandings or advise about ways in which students could improve in the future.  Therefore, submission of homework and assessment tasks is an important part of every student’s education.   We place great importance of timely submission and feedback on student work which you can view through the Parent Access Module and this is updated regularly through the year and parents are notified when there is a whole-school update of PAM.  

We have strict submission guidelines outlined below for you. 
* Failure to submit homework.
* Students who do not submit their homework by the scheduled date will automatically be given a demerit.  Four demerits will lead to a detention. 
* Failure to submit assessment tasks.

Supplementary Assessment Sessions (SAS) 
redeeming non-submitted work

Students who do not submit their assessment tasks or SACs by the scheduled date will automatically be placed on a Supplementary Assessment Session (SAS) on either the following Wednesday or Thursday afternoon from 3.30 – 4.30 for Years 7 and 8 students and 3.30 – 5.00 for Years 9 – 12.  Parents will be notified at least 24 hours prior to the session.  

Failure to attend that session will result in a ‘not submitted’ being registered on Simon (PAM).  Should the work be deemed sufficiently significant, this ‘non submission’ may negatively impact on a student’s overall achievement for a semester. 


Students who do not submit their School Assessed Coursework (SACs) by the scheduled date or do not attend the class when a SAC is being held without presenting their teacher with a Medical Certificate or Extenuating Circumstances form for the absence will automatically be given an “N” for the task.  An “N” for any SAC can lead to failure of a whole unit of study so it is essential that all students are present for all SACs or have the correct documentation to support their absence.  In this instance a student can appeal the SAC through the VCE Coordinator or VCAL Coordinator.  

If that appeal is successful, the student will undertake the work in a Supplementary Assessment Session (SAS)  on a Wednesday/Thursday afternoon from 3.30 – 5.00.  You will be notified in writing in advance of the SAS.  Should the student not attend the SAS without a medical certificate or Extenuating Circumstances form, they will be given an “N” for the SAC and will need to appeal the SAC in order to restore the S.  In this instance, they may be awarded an “S” for the task but will not be given a score.  This will affect their study score and therefore their ATAR.